Did You Know?

fieldsIrani Tea is a high-grown (6,000+ feet), all-natural, black tea. It is imported from the Asiatic Triangle where the climate, soil and elevation produce the finest teas of the world.

Climate, soil and elevation are the three most important factors in the growing of tea. The high elevation promotes the slow growth of leaves which results in a more flavorful tea. The most flavorful teas are grown at altitudes of 4,000 to 7,500 feet.

Only the finest parts of the tea bush are used in Irani Tea. During the flush (harvest period), only the top two tender leaves and bud are hand-picked from each bush in their prime. Any other part of the tea bush is simply filler.

The tea is then processed by the Orthodox type of manufacture, which includes withering, rolling, fermentation, firing, and grading of the tea. Before each purchase of tea, a sample is sent to Irani Tea, Inc. to be tested. Only after strict guidelines are met will they approve the purchase of the tea.

Before being shipped to the United States, Irani Tea is examined by an independent chemical analyst to ensure its purity, that it is free of foreign elements, and that it meets all health and safety standards. Irani Tea is Gluten free.

The shipment of tea is then packaged in 5-ply, plastic lined bags for its journey across the ocean. The design of the plastic bag protects the tea from absorbing the natural elements present in ocean transport. After arrival in the US, the tea is then transported by rail to the tea packaging plant.

All of these steps are repeated for each shipment of Irani Tea to the United States. Each shipment is tested and given a personal stamp of approval before you, the fastidious customer, partakes of this delicious blend of tea.